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Abundance of Life, LTD is a non-profit organization designed to assist those in underserved communities with education and financial assistance to get the healthy lives back that they deserve through organ transplant(s).  We recently began this endeavor while healing from a 2nd kidney transplant. After receiving various phone calls to wish me well healings, I came across so many directly or indirect circumstances that were similar to mine. The problem was that I was in a healing phase and others that should be in a healing phase was not.  At that point, I decided that it was my duty to assist others in a greater capacity. 

Our goal through Abundance of Life, LTD is to create a support environment where those in need of an organ transplant(s), transplant recipients and donors can come together and share experiences. Through experience sharing, those that are not comfortable with the transplant process can hear from others that have already experienced it. Many times we modestly do not want to accept a kidney from a living donor especially from a close loved one for reason of fear. A living donor can not only live a well life with one kidney but my sister, who was my first donor, had 3 children following her donation to me.  This was 20 years ago and she continues to live a healthy life. If a donor happens to experience kidney failure, the donor is moved to the top of the transplant list.  A live donation has been known to last longer than a deceased donor. 

The belief of abundance is less about material conditions, but once basic needs are met, it's more around an appreciation of life in it's fullness, joy and strength of the mind, body and soul.


Edward French Sr. 


Crystal Williams-French


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